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Reliable Electric Serving Dayton, OH Since 1942

Founded in 1942, Reliable Electric is a full-service industry leader in electrical contracting.   Some of the services we provide are Residential service and remodel, Commercial service, and Commercial construction.   Reliable’s Residential team is arguably Dayton’s oldest and most reputable, having served the Miami Valley for over 80 years.   The Commercial construction department growth over the past 15 years places it amongst the fastest in Southern Ohio.   Our Commercial construction services currently extend to Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

Who We Are

Mission:  Working for a purpose greater than ourselves in a manner that honors God. 

Vision:  Steward a wildly successful business that enables our employees, customers and community to benefit in our shared prosperity. 

Values:  Our values are our guideposts.  They outline how we operate in the marketplace, hold ourselves accountable, make decisions and hire best-in-class employees.

IntegrityWe are committed to doing what’s best for our employees, customers and our company.  We are honest, transparent, trustworthy and fair.   We are always willing to take the hard right instead of the easy wrong.

Servant Leadership:  As servant leaders, we help our employees grow and harness their maximum potential.  We do this by conducting ourselves humbly and by putting the needs of the entire team and customers above our own.

TrustNo single person is bigger than the team; building trust builds a better company.  We believe trust is built over time with respect, healthy conflict and embracing individual differences within the Reliable family.

Passion for Winning:   Passion is at the heart of our company.  We are continuously learning, innovating, and improving.  We are relentless in our pursuits of major victories and humble in our successes.  We also are not shy in proclaiming we like to WIN and celebrate WINS, but never at the expense of our values.

Balance:  We promote and enable a healthy prioritization and equilibrium between personal and professional activities in our employees’ lives.

Company History

Reliable Electric is a third-generation, family-owned business established in 1942 by Harry (Mac) McCoy.  In 1968, Mac’s brother Randy purchased both Reliable Electric and Centerville Electric.   Thirty years later, in 1998, Randy sold the business to his nephew Joe Ryan.

Owners Video

Owners Video

Recent Growth

Continuing a tradition of excellence and value, Reliable’s residential department remains one of Dayton’s largest and its commercial department remains one of the fastest growing across the Miami Valley.   In 2014, Reliable Electric formally penetrated the Cincinnati market and currently employs out of Cincinnati as well as executes all aspects of construction between Dayton and Cincinnati.

Why Reliable Electric?

Reliable’s longevity is directly attributed to our ability to provide a quality product at a competitive price.   We are one of the few full-service providers that excel at all aspects of the electrical contracting industry – your one-stop resource!   True to our core values, our people are the source of our success!   Experience the difference.

Community Involvement

As a company that operates within Christian principles, Reliable Electric places strong emphasis on giving back to the communities in which we work.   Our belief is this action is a critical part of being a good steward of the opportunities we have been given and the financial success of the company.   Come check out what we’ve been up to!

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